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Welcome! Come on in.....

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We are super excited to launch a Bedroom Furniture Galleries Blog where we will be discussing trends and posting information on all things that make your House a Home!!  We will feature articles from our suppliers, designers and our team!   This being The Bedroom Furniture Galleries’ first blog I thought we should talk about the front entrance to your home! 

Like a new beginning, a fresh start or a first impression, a front entrance can either inspire or make us angry.  When I walk into my front entrance, some day’s it’s anything but inspiring.  As I trip over my kid’s shoes and have nowhere to put my handbag as it’s so cluttered with nerf guns, change, keys and duct tape.  I think most can relate to the dumping ground of our entry ways.  Because this area is usually small, it is a great place to start organizing and invest a little time (and maybe some $).  Remember this is the first impression to your home, not only for your guests but for you as well.  It should be relaxing and inviting which makes it worth a little time and a perfect place to add personality!   Key things to think about…don’t purchase anything until you’ve starting organizing!  Find out what your needs are first; do you need baskets for keys and change?  A chair to sit on?  Maybe you want something with drawers to hide stuff?  More space to hang coats?  If you buy first you potentially could be wasting your money and time by purchasing things you don’t actually need or that wont work in the space. 

Below is just one idea…It is a sofa table with drawers to hide things and room to slide a couple stools for your guests or kids to put on their shoes.  You can totally custom this piece to the color of your choice!  Add personality with art work, a mirror and some of your favorite things!  Make your house a home!!!

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