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Invention of the Great Room...

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Remember when you would go to you grandma’s house and you weren't allowed in the living room?  Or you weren’t allowed in the formal dining room except during a family dinner and heaven forbid you dropped your fork on the table?  With the invention of the “great room” separate formal rooms are not as prevalent.  Hardwood floors throughout a house versus carpet has become the norm for the simple reason they are easier to clean.  Well, and more sanitary.  When helping families find the right furniture, a very important question I like to ask is….”Are you going to get mad at your kids for living on this sofa or accidentally putting a dent in that table?”  It’s inevitable.

So then ask yourself if your family is ready for the “dream” table or sofa.  You know the one you found on Pintrest that you will spend a fortune on?  It’s okay to have go between pieces based on where you (and your kids) are in your life.  Liking a piece enough to allow your kids to live on it is worth the love of not nagging.  Furniture is meant to complement your life…how your life is now, and that will change.  If you are at the stage where you can have the dream piece...congratulations!  However,  if you have a pet, they can be tougher on furniture that kids! 

Some ideas….find fabrics that are easy to clean.  Natural fabrics like linen absorb stains.  Fabrics with flecks and texture can be more forgiving. La-z-boy has a new line of fabrics called iClean that are a little tougher and clean easy.  iClean fabrics use innovative technology that makes them stain-resistant. So if you have your heart set on a light fabric, this would be a great option. Life is busy and hard enough, we don't need to be worrying about furniture!

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